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Black Celebration...

Friday saw the arrival of the three scousers who immediately started drinking.
We met up at the wonderful Garlic & Shots for drinks and food. blakeshell showed up and we went to get food. As always, the food was gorgeous. Anyone who hasn't eaten there should, it's quite simply scrumptuous.

Saturday we popped up to Cyberdog in Camden and then back to my place to preen and prepare for Black Celebration.
As posthuman_angel and spikey_bastard takes longer to get ready than most women, we were rather late arriving at Islington. And since I forgot to check where the Carling Academy is, we got off at Highbury & Islington instead of Angel Station. As we walked down towards Angel we realised that we had no idea where it was or whether we could even see it from the main road. However, salvation was at hand in the shape of johnny_eol.
I spotted him from a distance and we saw him disappear into the Carling Academy. Success.
Inside we were greeted by a bouncy zenmeisterin who looked stunning as always despite, according to her, not making an effort...
The bands were enjoyable and Funker Vogt rocked. Alot.

Afterwards we quickly went home to get booze and swiftly went to Slimes. Slimes was good and I enjoyed it muchly. I think I may start going to Slimes a bit more often again. Saw lots of people and had lots of conversations which I have mostly forgotten again. Funny how the details from my nights at Slimes are usually hazy the next day.

Sunday was good too. spikey_bastard and posthuman_angel couldn't be bothered with Black celebration and went to The Dev instead. wuggy and I made our way to Islington and some very bouncy music. The bands were mostly good and Rotersand in particular stood out. They rocked immensely and were probably as good as Funker Vogt. It was good to be able to relax and chat with wuggy and zenmeisterin. I pimped M'era Luna to both and maybe they will join me in spreading victory in Germany.
Went to the Dev afterwards and had a last couple of beers before heading home for some serious sleeping.
Still tired from too much beer, and not enough sleep, but it was well worth it.
A glorious weekend filled with much honour and victory.
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