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Didn't make it to Slimes, but a great evening was had at Garlic & Shots with lux_louella and Dave Mac WINOLJ. Lot's of good food was eaten and lots of good beer was drunk. Oddly I didn't get drunk. I must have been drinking slower than normal.
While walking lux_louella to her bus (I do have some manners despite evidence to the contrary) we decided that we I was still hungry and had a bunch of starters in a friendly little restaurant in Chinatown.
After saying goodbye I made the decision to go to Slimes, but the bloody bus never showed up, and after waiting 40 minutes, I decided to head home. I get to a comfortable seat on the top floor and lo and behold, the bus to Slimes goes past. Grrrr.
Oh well, it's now time to sleep and maybe pop by Camden tomorrow for a few jars and possible to accompany someone as she gets pierced.

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