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Once you embrace the idea that your customers deserve to die...

Needless to say that strip was one of the most popular Dilbert strips in my team in a long time. Of course, we embraced that idea long ago. Especially when users started logging their own fault tickets in a completely non-sensical fashion and not putting any information related to their problem into the call. Arg.
Not to mention people who expect us to adjust the air-con...
If I wasn't so relaxed, calm and collected (As any care bear should be) then I'd probably come in with a bowie knife one day and go hunting :)

I'm not normally an Eminem fan, but I really quite like the song where there's an odd sound like someone going argh argh argh argh several times. It's funny and for some reason reminds me of when The Duracell Duo (spikey_bastard & posthuman_angel) are down from Ye Olde Scummy Hell-hole.

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