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Not only is penguin_worship a lovely girl with a beautiful smile, great sense of humour, fabulous kiss and a very huggable disposition, she also makes very good pork chops. Mmmm, so dinner last night was both tasty and healthy :)

And having androktone over for drinks and chatting Monday was really good too. amazing how quickly a bottle of JD disappears :)
She is now no longer afraid BASSLINE, and she knows the meaning of VICTORY!!! Also Vengeance...

Tonight will probably be yet another night at Garlic & Shots, this time in the company of zapruder and Dave Mac WINOLJ

Friday:B-Movie, yay Anyone else going?
Saturday: Danish Yule party then Slimes
Sunday: Relax.
I have all of next week off, so I will have to find ways of entertaining myself. I will most likely start by rebuilding all my PCs, and move my servers back to Win2K Server rather than Windows 2003. I also have every intention of spending many, many hours in the gym that week. Mmmm it'll be good.
Thursday 16th There's a MAB gig which should be good. Chick Rock/Metal for those who like L7 and the like...
Friday 17th: Garlic & Shots then Synthetic Culture, Anybody wanna come along?
Saturday 18th will probably be recovery day as will Sunday I expect...

24th/25th: Relax followed by working the two bankholidays (Hopefully)
31st: Currently expecting the arrival of captains spikey_bastard and posthuman_angel following which mush hilarity and victory will ensue...

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