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So, this month I have mostly just been floating along not really done much apart from drinking and spending far too much money doing so,
The entire month is a bit of a blur, but I do recall naziboy visiting which elicited a trip to Garlic and Shots where there were too many LJ'ers to name, but photos are here. This was followed by Synthetic Culture and then we went back to purple_jo's where we drank some more and general amusement was had. Especially when walking_whale first got remarkably energetic and then laid down on the sofa getting rather ill.
Much to our amusement...

Later after saying goodbye to naziboy I went to Strength Through Joy which is currently my favourite night out. I was one of the first 10 through the door, so I will get a nice T-Shirt. They didn't play my only request, so boo to them but it was good anyway. hairyears was there when I arrived and the place quickly filled up after 23:00 or so...
Good vibes and friendly people+++ :)

Went on to Slimes where I bumped into karia8 who's back in London. We chatted for a while, but due to beinmg remarkably muntered and not having slept since Friday morning (At this point nearly 48 hours) I can't remember anything we talked about. Heh, hardly unusual for Slimes...

Oh well, I went to Liverpool some time ago, and velvetfur has posted some really good photos from that trip...

I would really like to go to Garlic & Shots tonight, but is anyone up for it?
I'm gonna go home soon, so text me if you want to tempt me out.

Woo yay, home time...

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