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So, anyway, it looks like my life has suddenly become rather busy.
This coming weekend I have a birthday pubcrawl to go to and I might be helping elvenforest move house. If he's organised enough. The pubcrawl I've had to set money aside for as I promised I'd come along to it ages ago. And it's a good mate so there.

The weekend after spikey_bastard will be coming down for a weekend of relaxation and STJ. There shall also be White Noise and home cooked food as opposed to a constant stream of take-aways...

And after that comes the highlight of the month. Another exam. I have 8 more chapters to read, and I will also have to go through all the practical stuff again to make sure I have what it takes...
I really have to pass this one, so apologies if I don't seem very sociable until that exam has been passed...

Once that is passed it's off to Sweden for a weekends relaxation with naziboy and his new Swedish family. That will be nice.

Following which there is a Rammstein gig and the day after I'm off to Germany for elfenkinds wedding. I should probably remember to have a look at her wishlist at somepoint...

And then February continues with a visit from the Scouse posse (wuggy, spikey_bastard and posthuman_angel, two Nightwish gigs. Yes, I'm going to both their Astoria gigs because I like them so much...

So yeah, anyone suggests anything and I say I'm busy it's because I have my life planned for the next month and a half. I also have to decide which exam to take after this one. It's going to be either 216 or 217, but which one...

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