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Oh dear.
At 14:30 I got an e-mail saying that there was a meeting the entire team had to be in.
And we had to be there on time. No excuses. Even the IPU would have to wait as we had to be at this meeting.
Immediately we started mumbling and trying to guess who was in the proverbial sh!tter...

During the meeting it quickly became clear that it was far worse than someone being in trouble and we quickly decided that it would have been far better if someone had been in trouble and was marched out of the building...
We're getting a new team leader...
The one we have now is lovely. The one who will be replacing (For six months only) has a reputation for being a right tool and there is, to the best of everyones knowledge, only one person who doesn't actively dislike him in the building.

I think I'll be devoting a lot more time to study so I can get the hell out of here...
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