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Study going well. Am currently reasonably confident I'll pass.
I am however annoyed that the book I'm currently reading has quite a number of mistakes in it, which means it can't really be trusted...
Hmm, well, I have another two 700+ page books to read on the subject before my exam on the 03/03 so I guess that between the three of them I should get enough knowledge to ace it.
Joyfully, I have finally managed to do pull-ups in the gym today. This is quite a milestone for me as I have never been able to do that before. So yay. I should probably also point out that I weigh a bit over 100kg (About 16 Stone) so it's hardly a trivial matter. This also means that I will make pull-ups a very central part of my work-out...

I may make a proper gym entry at some point and describe how well I'm doing.
My gut is noticably receeding, so yay.

Also, weekend rocked due to many people being really cool.
B-Movie was good and full of great people.
And the nightwish gig rocked immensely.
Every song they played was fabulous, and they played a good mix of new tracks and old favourites.
And as always, their show was magnificent as they are dedicated showmen/woman...

Sunday I got a few bruises during sword training, but when you have a hobby where big burly men (And small not so burly girls) try to hit you with pieces of metal, you should really expect the odd bruise or two here and there...

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