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So, my studies...
They are currently going well. I have already passed:
Which is naturally good.

I am currently studying for:
The exam is set for the 3rd of March. I shall annihilate it and there will be much victory.
I still have two 700 page books to read which should be enough...

Afterwards I have :
70-216 which is nicknamed The Beast...
This is supposed to be the hardest Microsoft exam there is...
A colleague of mine and I have a bet that if I can take that exam in 3 weeks, he'll name his firstborn son Lars :)
Him and his gf have no intention of having kids as they can't stand them, but still, it's a challenge...
I hope to have this one done by mid-April

At this point I'll have an MCSE 2000. Rar
I should reach this point by June sometime...

70-225 This will give me the messaging specialisation.
This will take me to July and a small break in my studies as August brings with it Wacken Open Air and Mera Luna...

After August I will forge ahead and do 70-214 and 70-227 which will give me a security specialisation. I'm sure those of you who know what my attitude towards IT security will see that as a rather natural specialisation for me :)
I expect to be here by late October early November.

70-292 and 70-296 will upgrade my MCSE 2000 to MCSE 2003.
A necessary step which should be completed by sometime around New Years.

The new year will see me take 70-228 and 70-229which will earn me the letters MCDBA by the time my birthday comes around...

Obviously there is one very simple reason why I'm doing this.
I should be earning a fair bit more by the end of it.

Also, this will take a lot of time. And a lot of weekends. But to be quite honest, I'm bot really that bothered.
I think I'll cut my going out down to Dead & Buried, B-Movie and gigs. I'll probably also go to the occassional Strength Through Joy, but I think my days as a regular Slimelighter are numbered.
I have to say that I don't mind though, I haven't really felt like going for some time, and I wouldn't be going next weekend if it wasn't for lux_louella's departure from this island.
I certainly won't miss being knackered all Sunday, especially since sword fighting is so much more fun than recovering from the excesses I indulge in at Slimes...
Having said that, the next time my compatriots from Liverpool come down, I will have to drag them to the metal night at The Marlborough Head.
I suspect posthuman_angel would enjoy it immensely and wuggy is happy as long as there is beer and conversation.
Hmm, he should bring his Go board :)

And furthermore, I think I will try to get into a habit of leaving my plastic cards at home instead of bringing them with me to work. I am notoriously bad with money, and that way I can't spend money randomly. I bring lunch to work any way, so it's not as if I *need* money when I'm there. hopefully that should help with my financial situation...

Pheew, a real update.
and now it's definitely time for bed. Ye olde alarm clock goes off at 0500 hours.

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