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Hmm, in many ways an exceptionally good weekend.
Managed to meet up with a remarkably high number of friends and my training regime definitely came in useful as I tried to get everywhere on time. Running from Oxford Circus to Garlic & Shots in about three minutes is no mean feat :)
At some point during the weekend I forgot that this year was meant to be about me, but lesson has been learned (again).

And I have some most excellent bruises courtesy of some of the other vikings. I really must learn to defend my legs properly. And I have put an order in for an axe :)
Mmmm, new toys :)

I'm also currently re-vamping my workout regime as I have to be honest with myself and do something about areas I have forsaken in the past few months. I have already gotten a lot stricter with my form and hence dropped a lot of weight from most exercises, but it'll definitely be worth it :)

I have also managed to run completely out of money, but that's hardly unusual for me. I think next month I'll try to have a full month without clubbing. The Marlborough Head doesn't count though, that's a pub. And neither does Garlic & Shots, that's a restaurant :)

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