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Wen out to Sanctuary last night and now I feel really rough. It was a good night with good music. Even if I had to bring a cd with Apop's Bitch on it so Jared or Tom or the other DJ could play it. It was someones birthday downstairs so there were some bands on. The first one was really good, the others seemed alright, but not really fantastic.
Maybe I should point out here that I didn't sleep between Monday and Tuesday as I stayed up all night watching Babylon 5, so I was understandably tired when I did go out......
Went to Rachels place with a bunch of people and chilled out for a while. Then I got stoned and fell asleep :)
In the morning when I got up, I managed to get lost trying to find my way out as that house is like a maze. All the doors look the same and there's two sets of stairs. Very confusing.
Well, at least I was only 2 hours and 45 minutes late for work. It could've been worse.....
And now I'm really looking forwards to getting home and getting some kip.

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