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I guess this sums my feelings best...

The trailers were pretty good though.
War of the Worlds looks pretty good actually. Good effects and an interesting looking story...
The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe looks very very good. The trailer was very stirring and reminded me a bit of LotR in many ways. Definitely one to watch...
Batman Begins... What can I say, for me this is the movie of the year. The one I've been waiting for. I'd quite frankly rather have watched the batman trailers back to back for two hours than this trainwreck. In this trailer we got a brief shot of The Scarecrow as well.
The Fantastic Four looks like it could go either way. It's either gonna be an absolute humdinger of a super hero movie or an absolute stinker, but let's face it, I'm still gonna see it in the cinema :)
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