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Well, that was a refreshignly good weekend.
Went to Dead and Buried Friday which was rather good, but Sadly had to leave early due to work Saturday morning.

Saturday was the day of the picnic. nearly_everyone was there as expected and much fun was had.
I didn't take any pictures, but flavius_m did.
Excellent picnic and many thanks to graven_fury for arranging it :)

Quick trip to Garlic and Shots for a bite to eat and a swift Stella or two with jamese, zapruder and mattp.

Onwards to Slimes where one of my best nights in Slimes *evah* was had. Peculiarly this was coupled with me being sober and un-muntered.
I had three beers while there and just danced a lot of the night away. Fantastic.
I will definitely be there again next Saturday where I will see if it will be still be good without boosterpacks or whether it was a fluke...
Time will tell...

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