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Back to work

Tuesday, and it's back to work.
I have taken all the Mondays for the rest of the year off :)
No more Monday blues for me, which is quite nice. Also got a new chair this morning. The back on my old one had pretty much died.

A quick update on the gig last Sunday.
All Living Fear weren't too impressive, but Killing Miranda and Squid totally rocked. Squids rendition of Enola Gay was absolutely fabulous and the rest of their set was ace as well. I didn't really know Malaise, but they were quite good too.
Sadly I had to leave shortly before Killing Miranda were finished, but hey, that's life for ya.

A lot of the usual suspects were at the gig too:
Maxt, Psiberat, Anayleah, Paul the Chef, Jenna, Mistress Pickles, Lisa, Jared, Sister Carrion, Tattoed_Goth_Messiah and Matt.
Pheew, that was a long list. There were a few others there as well who haven't got a presence on the net though and whom I can't recall just now.
Sorry guys.

Apart from the above, the beer was good and the bar staff friendly.

When I finally got home I had a beer, surfed, checked e-mails and chatted with Psiberat for a bit, and then went to bed :)
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