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Mmmm, pr0n

Phone Pr0n to be exact.
I now have a shiny new Nokia 6230i.
Oooohhhh, shiny... With working Bluetooth.
Ok, so it took me about 3 hours to get it to work, but that's what happens when you buy a device which is branded by one company (02), manufactured by another (Widcomm) which is purchasing a license for the technology from a third company (Toshiba).
It also didn't help that Widcomm has been acquired by Broadcom so their support section is gone.
After giving up on Google (Shock. Horror. Heresy) I fiddled around and got it to work.
Fortunately I documented my steps and will attempt the same when I get home.

Also, Does your legs not work? But you still like bikes?
Apparently there's a new bike for people in wheelchairs. Nifty.

Also, if you comment anonymously on my LJ, please you initials or name on it so I now who's commenting. I'm about to start deleting comments from unknowns...

And furthermore, there is more then one tall, broad and bald person who goes to dodgy techno clubs Slimes.
Please make sure you have the right one before you drunkenly accost me about random conversations you think you may have had with me previously.
Thanks :)

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