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Normally I'm strong and I stick to a reasonably healthy life style.
I am, however, allowed the occassional cheat day, and I think it's safe to say that tomorrow Yesterday was a cheat day to last a month :)
Breakfast was a double chocolate chip muffin followed by a chocolate croissant. I ate cookies throughout the day (It's a habit in this office to have cookies readily available) and a nice big pasty for lunch.
After work it was off to The Intrepid Fox where the drinking started...
The reason for midweek drinking was a friends birthday, so the birthday boy Matt, Iselle and a mate called Gareth went on an adventure in beer and Garlic :)
Several pints later it was off to Garlic & Shots where much hilarity, excellent food and far too many shots ensued.
When the waitress brings your table a round of shots on the house you know you've been good customers :)
Some excellent pictures will be up later and it was worth it to have a cheat day...

We also decided that on the first day of the month of October we will attempt the impossible.
We shall start with the magnificent bloodshot and then make our way through the entire Garlic & Shots shots list. There are four of us who will go down in flames if necessary. Our livers are acceptable losses in this battle :)
I could imagine elijahtc and vrghost joining us for this attempt...?
Hopefully this time my wonderful friend Iselle won't try to get a person at our table to ask the waitress out :)

And in other news:

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