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So, today is my last day with HSBC Insurance Brokers.
It has been mildly interesting although working with NT4 and Novell has been frustrating.
It'll be interesting to see what the next client will bring...

I have also decided that the best way to get rid of my overdraft was to re-finance the loan I'm currently paying off.
This gave me an idea. Since there are a couple of things I'm saving up for, I asked the nice people at the bank if they would mind giving me a bit more so I could buy these things which would enhance the quality of my life.
They agreed.
So behold, the next stage of Operation: Hairless Monkey is a go.
These nice people will be lasering my back and shoulders tomorrow morning. Although yesterdays attempted suicide bombings were horrible and despicable it meant that there were a lot of cancellations at the Oxford Circus clinic so I could go for an initial consultation :)
Test lasering went fine and as I have been told before, my pain threshold for my back is apparently high so I shouldn't need anesthetic cream.

Since I needed a few other things, I also decided it was time to get a new camera and some ties :)
Unfortunately I'm now discovering how difficult it is to get hold of Amazon, because the memory card I ordered is set to arrive between 30/07 and 08/08 which would be a bit late for me.
Incompetent fools.
Tags: hairless monkey, money, pain, shopping

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