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One of the cool things about being a consultant roaming from client site to client site like the wild beasts that roam the plains is that I get to see lots of different kit and software.

Today I have been properly old Skool and configured an old Jetdirect box.
Old geeks out there will remember them as the little grey boxes that would plug into the network and you then had to telnet to them. Ahh the nostalgia :)

Workout last night was bitchingly good.
I had a proper uppe back workout and then hit most other areas fairly well.
I didn't have much time due to the class I took, so I thought I'd have a generic workout rather than focusing on two or three body parts like I normally would. Ut really is quite nice to be able to do 18kg 1 arm tricep lifts when I could barely do 12kg in the beginning of the year...
Two classes tonight, then Legs and lower back. Mmmm, is good, ja...

Some people think that having Chicken Madras for breakfast is bad and wrong. I pity the fools who would say such a thing.
Curry is a wonderful thing to have for breakfast, lunch and dinner :)
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