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Damn I feel lazy today. Quiet there in the back :)

Tuesday afternoon I was given the important task of wandering the floors like a little lost bear and write down all the asset numbers/Desk Locations/model numbers of all the printers in the building.
I then had to put it into a spreadsheet...
I finally finished today.
I never knew that HP made so many different types of printers. Or that we have all of them.
Or at least that's how it feels.
I am of course now procrastinating as I should really go and fix some problems.

</a></b></a>spikey_kris: Get that passport sorted or let me know if you're not coming to Sweden... I'll book my flight + the festival ticket this weekend at the latest. And I would prefer to book the hotel soonish...

</a></b></a>: I have the CD, I'll give it to </a></b></a>spikey_kris when he comes down weekend after next...
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