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Street Dance was sadly cancelled last night as our normal instructor seems to have had an accident involving her hip. Hopefully she'll be fine again soon as she's a really good instructor and no-one works our abs as hard as she does. That and she's *very* easy on the eye :)

Instead we got an instructor who didn't know dance but took us through an aerobics routine.
You could tell that our normal class is considerably harder from the fact that most of us barely broke into a sweat while our instructor seemed to be dying trying to get us to work harder. Oh well, I'm pleased that I'm obviously in better shape than I used to be.
And my wings are clearly growing. I have had to put a lot of effort into my wings and shoulders recently as I felt that they were letting me down, but they are coming along nicely now.
I can do a few wide grip pull-ups (IMO the hardest pull-ups) which is a very good sign as I used to be unable to do even one.

It's all going according to plan...
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