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So, using dead people for make-up and beauty produts is unethical.
I thought recycling was a good idea. Oh well, never mind...

I would also appear to have the plague. Or flu. Or something like that.
I was feeling very grotty, snotty and sore-throaty last night and this morning, but after a lot of SpagBol with ridiculous amounts of spices and garlic I'm now feeling noticeably better.
I will not be ill while velvetfur is visiting. I think I'll give the gym a miss today as well, just to be on the safe side.

Thankfully elfenkind's hubby has brought me a DSL modem so I might get on-line tonight.
Sadly I suspect that one of my PSUs might be faulty and responsible for frying one of my machines.
Naturally I don't really want to test it on the others :)
Oh well, I'll tidy all the cabling up tonight, and I might also order an indian take away.
Turmeric is healthy and might be good against this flu/cold/plague/whatever it is.
Tags: food, geeky, plague

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