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So, I have cancelled my WoW account.
I decided that I just couldn't be bothered.
The hours it took here and there could be better spent, and I really don't want to spend an entire Saturday here and there playing WoW. I'd rather spend it in the gym or playing something equally geeky: AD&D

It would appear that plans are afoot and it will be:
blakeshell Gamesmaster
panzerbjrn - Norse Battlemage (Wow, what a surprise)
britalian - Elf rogue, warrior or both
himal - Who knows what he will be...
WINOLJ="Barbara" - Animist Elf (Whatever that is. I think it's some sort of gypsy/hippie)

Yay, I'm suddenly 15 again :)
Tags: gaming, geeky, rpg
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