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Bandwagon ahoy...

LJ Interests meme results

  1. big black boots:
    I like big stompy boots and I'm very happy with mine.
    The bigger and stompier the better :)
  2. cuddling:
    It's nice to cuddle and it's nice to be cuddled.
    When it's someone you like anyway...
  3. festivals:
    I like festivals. They rock.
    They bring out the best in me :)
  4. glitter:
    I like glitter.
    Even on me :)
  5. languages:
    I have an interest in languages which I sadly haven't pursued to the extent I would like...
  6. mera luna:
    One of the festivals I really like...
  7. passion:
    I like passion and having something to be passionate about...
  8. scandinavia:
    I'm scandinavian and proud of it. The rest of the world quaked in fear atthe mere thought of us.
    Now we make good bacon :)
  9. swords:
    I like swords.
    They're fun toys...
  10. united nordic nations:
    I would like to see the Scandinavian nations join and become one state. Together we could rule the world as we were quite plainly meant to.

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