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I suppose a quick weekend rundown is in order.
Friday I went to see The Thought Criminals at The Caernavon(sp?) Castle in Camden.
I thoroughly enjoyed them as they didn't seem to take themselves too seriously and the music was enjoyable. Good fun.
Left when the next band came on.
No matter how badly the lead singer wanted to be Anthony Kiedis they couldn't overcome the fact that they had no discernable talent.
And just cranking up the volume to headache inducing levels does not help either. And just as a headache was beginning to appear we (blakeshell + OH + My good self) left to go to Dance of The Dead.
As the venue was cleverly disguised and not signposted we managed to go past it twice and when we finally found it I had to go home... Hmmph.

Saturday was spent at work and then of to White Hart in Holborn to roll up new D&D characters.Nice pub but hideously expensive. I generally don't like paying over £3 for a pint.
Our great and just DM let us roll 7 ability scores and disregard the lowest. Amazingly all of us managed to roll really ow on the 7th roll.
Dammit. My dice are cursed. 10, 11, 12, 12 15 and 16 are reasonable stats I suppose. I'll definitely be a sorceror, but I haven't decided on my second class. Possibly Warmage, but we shall see. I'm currently researching...
Left to get to The Dev in time for a couple of drinks and then home to sleep and damn that was well needed.

Nightwish gig Sunday (With elfenkind). Yay. Paradise Lost opened and played a good metal set.
then Nightwish came on. They seem to get better each time I see them. This gig was probably just as good as their set at Wacken but at Wacken I was all the way up close which made it even better.
Chicken Samosa, tube home and sleep.
Now work. Boo to werk...
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