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Ahh that was quite a super weekend.
Friday I went to Garlic & Shots with camillat and also managed to find a penguin_worship and flannelcat frolicking about. Good food, drink and company led on to The Cro Bar where I got to chatting with some random people while waiting for the G&S staff to show up. After nearly an hour one the randoms and I discovered that we both work for HSBC. It's a small world...
When the Cro Bar closed we still had a thirst for the demon drink and decided to go to Pepes.
Those who know Pepes also know that it really is a place for the desperate who still want drinks at 5am.
It's a small dive that's run completely illegally out of someones basement :)
Still, it was entertaining...

Saturday I went to The Edge f The World. This is also known as Hove :]
Spent an excellent and chilled day/evening/night with sliding_loopz who is an excellent hostess.
I was most surprised to find that I really liked the place. It had a good feel to it and I definitely hope to go back there for a visit again.
Sunday I was a bit of a mong and managed to miss my train back to London so I missed viking practice. Bugger. Went to the gym instead, so I didn't feel completely useless.

Speaking of gymming, I have decided that it's time for another overhaul of my training regime.
For the past month I have mostly been doing classes and I have seen my cardio fitness go up noticeably, but I have lost some strength.
So now I'm going back to proper weight training with a view towards doing 100kg bench, 30kg hammer curl, 125kg leg extensions and 100kg leg curls by the end of next month. This will be hard, but I can do it. And I will do it.
I will try to keep my weight sessions to under 1.5 hours (1 hour weights, 30 minutes abs + lowerback) followed by 20 - 30 minutes intensive cardio.
That should do the trick...
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