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And the penguins kept marching on...

Went to see March of the Penguins last night with ellebabe, penguin_worship and flannelcat.
That is such an amazingly good movie. Perhaps not as many explosions as I expected, but it still rocked.
Most of you lot will know by now that penguins are one of my favourite animals, so naturally I liked the movie :)

It basically tells the story of the noble emperor penguins' march to their breeding grounds and some of the hazards which they have to face both on the way there and while they are there.
There are some hilarious and almost heartrendingly cute footage of penguins sliding, falling on their bum, walking with their chicks and so on. It was quite nice to hear the collective 'Awwws' and 'Ahhhs' from the cinema
There are also some really sad bits with penguins who didn't quite make the journey there or who didn't manage to keep their eggs warm and so on.
The saddest bit was where one penguin was nudging it's dead chick and then made some very sad sounding noises.
There was no penguin pirates though... :(

I thought it was a very feel-good optimistic feeling that had me leave the cinema with a positive feeling.
flannelcat on the other hand felt that it was a bit depressing and sad (Please correct me if I misunderstood), but I think we all agreed that it was a fantastic movie.

I also have my new coat. Rar. reddragdiva had the height for it, but I had the width so I bought it off him. And I must say it does look good. It is quite long though, so it really is a coat where I must wear New Rocks or something with a similar size sole.
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