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I'll be happy to admit that although I have occassionally dabbled a little in programming over the years, it isn't something I'm particularly good at and you will find no mention of it on my CV.
But still I wonder...
How goddamned difficult is it to write a look-up function in your pitiful excuse for an e-mail client that enables users to find people in your address book?
Yes, I'm bitching about Lotus Notes again.

If I go into the address book and scroll down to my name I can see that there are only two of us with that surname.
If I type it into the address bar of a new e-mail (Which by the way is called a Memo in Notes AAARRRGGGHHHHH) it brings up 68 possible entries.
Many of which bear little or no resemblance to the name I typed in. AAAARRRRGGGGHHHHHHH.
And to top it off, those 68 entries are displayed in a little box which only shows four goddamned lines at a time.
Even Hotmail had a better user interface back in '96. Grrrr.

The funny thing is, if only this place used a real e-mail client (Outlook 2003 for example) things would run so much more smoothly...

So, what kicked this off?
The amount of e-mails I got which are sent to... The 'All in Private Banking London' e-mail group.
I despair, I really do...
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