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So, a remarkable set of days recently.

Friday was glorious as I had a few friends over for dinner. Lovely ending to it as well.
Yay good fun and pictures will be up shortly.

Saturday I had dinner at penguin_worship's place which was tasty and nice, afterwards it was off to Lee's party which was a nice and relaxed affair.
A small accident with a wayward rocket, but thankfully no-one got physically hurt, only some minor bruises and a hell of a fright.
I didn't bother taking pictures though.

Sunday I went to the Covent Garden food fair which was scrumptuous. I wish I had more money at the moment, but with Sweden and Lanzarote coming up, I couldn't buy as much yummie stuff as I would like.
But I did get some Tequila & Cranberry Chicken Liver Pate and Chilli & Lemongrass Chicken Liver Pate. These are now being saved for the 10th of December...
Afterwards t was off to Viking Practice where we had great fun.
I thought I had lost my right nipple to one of the senior guys' sword, but thankfully it was still there. that did make me think twice about getting both my nipples done here in December. It would really hurt like a bitch if they got pulled out... >_<
I also asked if I could get training with the Dane Axe and that was agreed. Yayness. The dane axe is a weapon about my height with a big axe head at the end. Groovy...
Monday I went to see Stratovarius and Hammerfall. They both rocked immensely.
A thoroughly enjoyable night.
Today I had a first date with a rather cute girl I've gotten to know better recently. We went to see The Brothers Grimm and boy did that rock.
If you like fairytale movies you really should go and see it. It may have a happy ending, but it was appropriate.
Also look out for the really funny Italian inquisitor...
So yeah, had a great time and we will hopefully have a second date when I return from Lanzarote.
Gah, tired now, but happy. Nearly a full week without a bad day.
I'm all smiley :)
I don't think life can get much better...
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