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The Brothers Grimm **No Spoilers**

Jolly Good movie with pretty good effects.

The Brothers Grimm are two travelling con men who set up fairytale curses in villages which then pay them to get rid of those curses. It's good work if you can get it.
But suddenly it all turns a bit Sleepy Hollow when they come across a village which has a real curse...
With the attendant wolves, moving homocidal trees, gingerbread men, witches, evil French, pathetic Italians and so on.

It's very enjoyable, in no way scary and trying to spot the many many many fairytales that are referenced in this movie.
When I was a kid (8 years or so) I got the big Brothers Grimm Collected Fairytales book, so I was really looking forwards to this movie and it didn't disappoint.

And on another note, isn't it surprising that France has been burning for nearly two weeks now and they still haven't surrendered?
I suppose they have tried... :]
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