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Mmmm, curry...

So, camillat, </a></b></a>fluffy_bastard and I went for a curry and damn that was one of the nicest curries I've had in London. Ever.

We went to Spice Brick Lane where one of the big selling points was the Bring Your Own Booze policy. Hooray.

It's not overly big, but it was certainly busy.
From the time we placed our order it took about 25 minutes for the starters to arrive and a bit over an hour for the main course. But it was well worth it. One of the good things about having to wait that long for your food is the feeling that it's being cooked from scratch. And it tasted like it was.
My Chicken Tikka Kahari was extra-ordinarily succulent and tender.
I'm sure most of you know that when you cook chicken quickly at a high temperature it attains a rubbery texture. My chicken however seemed to have been cooked for a very long time at a low heat in lots of lovely spices. My food was of light hotness but nicely spiced. I was quite frankly awed by how tasty that dish was...
camillat's Chicken Bhuna was equally succulent and tender, also quite light on the heat and mildly spiced.
spikey_bastard had a rather nice Lamb Balti which was also rather good...

This is definitely a restaurant worth visiting and I would certainly like to go back at some point in the future...

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