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So far I'm enjoying my new position in messaging.
It's not overly busy, but there is stuff to do most of the time. Not that we get stressed as the guy who plays Counterstrike: Source (I think(?)) will agree on.
Personally I'm much too busy to play games or check ElJay... There's is a fair bit of stuff to learn here, but that's ok, I'm happy with that.

I also get toys. It's not much, but I have just been given a Blackberry to play with and there are other toys on the horizon.
I don't want to sully my soul by using Macs, but those 21" I think) wide screen monitors are impressive. Hmmm. It's very progressive of this bank to offer their workers the choice between Macs, Wintel machines or Linux boxes depending on what they prefer... That's not something you see often. Hmm, I'm tempted... Actually I'm more tempted to see if I'd be able to whack Linux on one of those bad boys...

I have also finally cancelled my membership to my local temple of pain gym and I'm going to the Soho Gyms near Holborn after work to see what it's like. It looks promising though...
Anyine else here who might be meber of a Soho Gyms?

And I'm guessing that you've all heard of the dyslexic black metaller who sold his soul to Santa :]
Tags: funny, geeky, gym, work

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