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Oh the sweet irony

Most big companies desire greater than normal reliability and stability over the christmas period and usually implement a change freeze. This means that changes to the IT infrastructure will have to wait until next year.
Ironically, this means that just before the change freeze takes effect every single team in the company wants something implemented leading to a greater than normal chance of something going badly wrong.
Ahhh, you gotta love it.

And another mailserver ran out of space today.

I'm also tired yet again as it was the christmas do last night. 2000 employees gathered to drink and eat.
The food was excellent. A mix of Cuban beef dishes (Supposedly), fish, and curry. There were also some vegetarian dishes, but I only sampled the potatoes (Which were nice)...
The Grolsch ran out much too early after which there was a run on the Carlsberg. When that ran out we were left to drink kangaroo piss Castlemaine XXXX.
Fortunately there was also an ocean of wine, although the red was a bit drier than I would normally like it.
It was good fun though, and I had forgotten how many beautiful women you usually get in a bank.
The quality of the women in banking is definitely higher than in most companies (The only exception being Citigroup which was rather boring in that respect).
It was quite a nice little soiré and I finally got home at 00:30 slightly worse for wear. Then Warcrack and DS9 :)
Tags: war against sleep, work, x-myth

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