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I think I have a new love.
It was definitely love at first touch.
It just feels *right*...
Oh yes, at sundays re-enactment session I got some training in how to use the mighty Dane Axe :)
I think I have found my weapon of choice for the forseeable future.
I could probably find a picture for you, but as I'm at work and a bit busy, you'll need to do so yourselves.
In fact, who can find a good picture?
But I digress, it's about 5 - 6 feet long with a nice little axe head on the end. Since we *try* not to kill each other you need to have some good upper back muscles and a decent sense of balance to handle one of them bad boys.
Good thing I have both in spades.
Killing my enemies at 2 metres distance+++
See them driven before me+++
Hearing the lamentation of their women+++
But yeah, It's a groovy weapon and quite intimidating. Well, let's face it, you hear about psychotic axe murderers. You don't really hear about psychotic sword murderers. As the trainer said: 'This is *not* a defensive weapon. You use it to cleave skulls...'
It was th weapon traditionally used by Huscarls (The elite tropps).
And while I remember... For those of you still wondering who the real vikings were, please note that this is the Dane Axe... There's no such thing as a Swede axe or Norwegian axe ;-)

Afterwards we had end of year drinks + buffet which was quite nice. Nothing particularly fancy, but it was nice to sit and eat with the other vikings.
Then on the The Dev for a quick couple of pints.
It's slightly amusing that they let me bring my weapons into The Dev these days. They used to take them and put them where patrons couldn't get to them :]
I guess they were afraid that my Scandinavian nature would overcome me and I would feel forced to smite any Englishmen I see and abduct the fair women...
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