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And todays corporate loser is the lady who called the desktop support team and asked them why she couldn't send e-mail.
They call me (I don't talk to users directly) and I swiftly deduce the problem:
Me: Her account has been disabled...
Helldesk: Oh, yeah, it is...
Me: Maybe she hasn't been told yet that she no longer works for us...?
Helldesk: Oh, yeah, could be...
Me: Maybe someone should call HR or Security...
Helldesk: Yeah, Yeah, I'll do that just now...
Someone might be getting a rude surprise just before x-mas...

And todays corporate winner is me.
I had set a bunch of mailboxes to be moved from one server to another, but had gotten a little bit too ambitious and caused the server to slow down a little bit too much.
Fortunately I overheard some of my colleagues trying to figure out what was wrong and killed the move. And they had to say to the desktop guys that they couldn't see anything wrong with the server and it must have been a network glitch.
*whistles innocently*

And I got a card from NY today. Yay...
Only about a month since the sender returned to London...
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