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Bacon, sausages, black pudding, hash browns and scrambled eggs.
The Breakfast of Champions

Considering how shattered I was when I got up, I'm strangely perky today.

Last nght at The Ice Wharf was good although I would have preferred the Dev. The beer at the Ice Wharf wasn't cheaper and the music at the Dev is better.
OTOH, It's bitterly cold at The Dev these days...

So, tonight...

Dev at some point and then Xtro?
Who's going to Xtro?

Also, Soho Gyms in Camden is a decent gym, with decent music.
I really like the layout as well. It's only let down by the showers which could have had more water gushing out and too many of the dumbbells had unclear stickers saying how heavy they were.
Still, I managed to get a decent little workout in before meeting spikey_bastard for a few drinks.

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