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Goodbye chickenlegs, hello to mr I-squat-100kg :)

Rawr that felt good. Stonkingly good leg work out today.
My thighs and calves are absolutely on fire. Mmmm great...

And doing 80kg Roman Deadlift is just... yay

Sadly I've had to wuss-out and get a pair of wrist straps...
My grip just can't handle 80kg for long enough to do that exercise properly.

My 2005 review is really short: It Rocked
My NYE review is equally short: It Rocked

There were many people who helped make 2005 one of my best years ever and you know who you are so I'm not gonna bother listing names :)

And I think I will make a few New Year resolutions:

1) Completing Operation: Hairless Monkey
2) Get one or two more piercings (Nipple, beginning of February)
3) Finishing my MCSE
4) Get a decent pay rise or get a better paid job (Will require that I keep to #3)
5) Get a full viking outfit for events and halloween :]
6) Go to more gigs
7) Put more effort into my gym training
8) Be a better person than I was in '05

Thanks for your kind suggestions, they were considered carefully.

gelflyng - Interesting suggestion, but as I have no sense of style and no delusions about it, I don't think it would be a great idea...
themadcatlady - If only I had some kitties to hug...
londonjon - I would quite like to try that some day... Fancy joining me?
caf_pow - If they did float, I'd be buying some shares...
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