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The 13th Warrior

199 days to go...

The 13th Warrior is a really good movie.
I tried to watch it some time last year and thought: 'What a load of toss...'
But now that I concentrated mostly on the movie I thought it was really good.
I guess it helps that I can go fishing in WoW at the same time :)
It's basically about a fancy arab who fancies the wrong woman and gets sent to the frozen north to be an ambassador for the Arabs.
I don't remember hearinging about ambassadors to Scandinavia back in the viking age... Never mind, I'll let that one pass...
The rest of the movie is about how he gets up north, learns to dislike our customs and then learns to respect them while figthing an evil and mysterious foe.
One thing that really impressed was the fact that all the norsemen actually spoke Danish/Swedish/Norwegian... Very impressive and very unexpected.
Not one to watch if you want a deep plot, but if you want an easily accessible movie that doesn't resuire any afterthought, this is it...

And Viking training today was great. More Dane-Axe training. Yay.
And while I'm waiting for my own Dane-Axe to be crafted, the guy who will be getting it for me said he will bring his in for me to use in the meanwhile. Score... :D

And afterwards it was off to The Dev for a drink or two with some great company...
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