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Trailers Galore

haloj: You said you wanted to see the new Superman trailer...

Mission Impossible III looks promising.
Not much about the plot is revealed, but apart from The Gnome it has Laurence Fishburne and Ving Rhames and best of all... Simon Pegg :)
I thought I saw Lucy Liu, but it must've been some other hot asian martial artist as she isn't mentioned on the IMDB listing...
Geek Factor: Small, no cool gadets on show...
Cinema, DVD or Download: Download

Miami Vice on the other hand doesn't look quite as promising.
He of the Mighty Monobrow and Jamie Foxx to play Crockett and Tubbs?
No... And the trailer looks like it's just gonna be a long episode of the series, but without the pastel colours.
Geek Factor: None
Cinema, DVD or Download: Download

The Hills Have Eyes certainly looks promising.
A remake of Wes Craven's original it completely updates it and boy does it look good...
I didn't recognise anyone from the trailer or the cast list but I'm not too concerned about that. Probably a DVD or Download rather than a cinema movie, but I'm looking forwards to it.
Basically a family tries to drive across New Mexico where there were some nuclear tests and they fall foul of a family of mutants. After that the laughs and hi-jinks ensue much to everyones amusement...
Geek Factor: Mutants and SCIENCE!
Cinema, DVD or Download: Cinema ona cheap day or DVD

Thank You For Smoking looks funny, but I think it's gonna be a DVD or download rather than a cinema movie.
Again I didn't really recognise anyone in the trailer, but that didn't really matter as I think we saw all the laughs in the trailer anyway...
Geek Factor: None
Cinema, DVD or Download: Download

The Fountain looks... interesting...
A story spanning 1000 years with a cool trailer... Could be a Cinema movie. Just a shame the trailer is so short it's hard to tell...
And with Hugh Jackman and Rachel Weisz in the lead it could be a winner...
Geek Factor: Can't tell...
Cinema, DVD or Download: Cinema

Monster House looks like it's gonna be a kids animated horror movie.
Doesn't look particularly good or bad.
Some kids discover that the house next door is in fact haunted and eats people.
Geek Factor: Animated
Cinema, DVD or Download: Download

Flight 93 doesn't look good...
Supposedly a real-time account of what happened on the flight that crashed near Shanksville, Pennsylvania on 11/09/01.
Hmm, this just strikes me as such an amazingly bad idea on so many levels.
Geek Factor: None
Cinema, DVD or Download: Avoid

And in conclusion: There aren't really any movies I'm looking forwards to this year apart from X-Men 3.
At least not in an excited way :[
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