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Geek Question about Wareating...

Does anyone know if there are any open/unprotected wireless networks in the Soho area that one might be able to jump on?
I'm particularly interested in Frith Street...
That G&S is located there is of course purely a co-incidence :->
spikey_bastard, camillat, posthuman_angel and my good self will be going to Wagamama for some decent food tomorrow and possibly G&S on Saturday... Money being a bit of a concern at the moment, G&S might have to be re-scheduled. I suspect camillat might feel the same way...?
I think I shall bring my laptop to both of those fine establishments to see what connectivity I have there...

Ooohhh, how cool would it be to play WoW while relaxing in G&S ?

Work is ridiculously busy and I'm loving it. Since I don't have to deal with slackjawed-yokels end-users, I quite happily work away during lunch, don't notice I should have gone home 30 - 40 minutes ago and I happily log on from home and work if necessary... I have discovered an entirely new enjoyment of work. Let's see how long it lasts :)
Fortunately Semagic works through our firewall, so updating ElJay is easy :)

I may have been persuaded to go to Synthetic Culture tomorrow...
Hmm, I think it shall have to be a drinkless night as I'm waging war on my beergut while trying to stay friendly with my bank...

Todays chest work-out was good, but I really could do with a gym buddy as my benchpress is sorely in need of some progress. I'm a bit reluctant to stack the bar with as much as I can lift due to the worry that I might drop it and kill/maim myself... So today I only did 50kg benchpress but I quite happily had 35kg dumbbells in each hand when I did dumbbell presses afterwards...
Annoying, but never mind. I nearly did 37.5kg but not quite. Soon... Soon...
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