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I feel like a fat bloated pig...
I have not only put on a theoretical 3kg over the last week or two, but I have also had 4 cans of coke in the past two days.
And I have noticed that my beergut has gotten a little bit bigger. Dammit!

I say theoretically above as last week I went to the gym in the morning and there fore theoretically weighed less than I do in the evenings :]

It also looks like I may have been a mong and orgotten my training logbook in the gym last night. Dammit. And dammit again!
Fortunately my electronic copy is fairly up to date. I really must remember to update it every day when I get home.

And tonight I will get started with my new years resolution of cooking a new delicious dish I haven't tried before at least once a month.
Tonights experiment will be Linguine with prawns, chili, garlic and spinach...

And as a back-up I'll be making Spaghetti Bolognese in case I screw up :]
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