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162 days to go and it's been nearly a month without a proper update...

Well, I haven't really done much of note in that time.
My life seems to consist purely of work, WoW and general geekery. I've been really bad and skipped the gym a lot this month in favour of WoW, but I'm now back on track and aching for it. Another reason for having the break for the gym has been my left shoulder which doesn't ache, but there is a slight dullness to the way it feels...

I'm also studying again which is rather good. As I haven't got any plans for this weekend other than recovering from Clawfinger on Friday. Oh yes, yet another band from when I was a kid that I'm getting to see. I almost feel spoiled :)

Work is going well. A rather steep learning curve, but it's been good. It's nice to have a job that I enjoy so much that I log on from home to do stuff...
I should also be getting a copy of SuSE Linux 9 soon so I can see if it can realistically be used as a desktop for the technical staff. Obviously Linux can be used for your average end-user, but will I be able to do all the many things I have to be able to do?
It would be a bit pointless if I just end up running XP in a VMWare session all the time...

On with the geekyness...
I bought a server yesterday.
2U, dual-processor and goff as all hell :)
Well, it's black anyway :)
Tonight I intend to do battle with Google and see if I can find manuals for the beast.
Tags: gym, warcrack, work

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