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So, a brief update for those I don't speak with IRL regularly...

I'm back in the gym. The last month has been a WoW month for me, and I have only been there twice, but this week I started again and oh how I missed it. Currently aching like hell, but I have no-one to blame but myself.

The company I work for has had the contract with the company where I physically work signed, so I am now on my way to a noticable pay-rise. My company is already charging the client the higher rate, but I won't see any extra money until the end of May. Boo Hiss, but at least it's on it's way.
This will have a big effect on my diet as it will suddenly contain a lot more chicken, turkey and protein shakes :)

M'era Luna is a go! The line up is simply too good to miss...
Who's with me?

Since Wacken is the weekend before, I'll try to fit in some time in lovely Berlin like last year. Anyone fancy soming along for that?
Kris? Emily? Glenn?

Going to see The Red Sparowes tonight at The Underworld. I just hope they can live up to the hype. Shame The Underworld is such a grotty venue...
Going down to Brighton this weekend early early early Saturday morning. First meeting some friends for lunch and then heading off to Lucy and Dom's housewarming.

WoW is going well. I'm in a really nice and friendly guild which has been blessedly drama free so far.
I play mostly on the Scarshield Server where I have a level 29 Forsaken Priest called Takhisis, a 13 Tauren hunter called Milchkuh with a wolf called Nibbler and a 12 Mage called Troldepus :]
I really should study rather than play WoW...

And I still don't own a penguin... :(

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