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And in more exciting and important news, my undeadForsaken Priest (Takhisis) finally dinged 30 last night. Woo, go me.

Spells are now nearly 1g each >_< and that makes me a sad pandaren.
Thankfully, one of my fellow guildies had 10g spare so I got some shine new spells to kill good guys evil alliance scum with.

My Tauren Hunter (Milchkuh) is still only lvl19, but I hope to fix that tonight...

And as I saw on one of the WoW LJ communities:
Saying 'It's only a 10 day trial is a bit like saying 'It's only heroin... Ach, so true...
The reason for the mood is because I was playing WoW at 4:30 this morning instead of going to bed...
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