Hey, Viking guy (panzerbjrn) wrote,
Hey, Viking guy

Well, not posted for a while...
So here are a couple of funny and worksafe little Video Clips:
An antelope of the blonde variety I think
Driving under the influence and being stopped by cops is never fun...
WTF did Bush just say?
And this is why you shouldn't reach out of moving cars
This man is seriously pwned by Texas coppers...

And ION:

Still studying for Implementing and Managing Exchange 2003.
I've moved the exam date once already and I might move it again as I don't really feel ready for it.

I have finally managed to set up my last two PCs so I now have 7 desktop machines running.
[server] is a fileserver with a bit over 300gb of storage for all my mp3s and movies
[slaanesh] iswas a gaming machine
[beast] is my main e-mail/surfing/testing new software/watching DVDs machine
[odeon] is for watching downloaded movies and IM'ing while gaming
and the last three are for studying, so they just run which ever version of windows is needed at the time.
I also have a server lying around which I bought from allezbleu some time ago. I really need to get that hooked up at some point.

I have finally un-installed all games from all my machines (Yes, that includes Warcrack /whimper) except for the windows games that are included as I can't be bothered with them.
I also still have a game called Reign of Steel installed as I can have a quick 5 minute game and then stop. It's fun, but it gets annoying after a little while.
If anyone like blowing up tanks, you should give it a try...

I have also been busy downloading Microsoft Beta and Trial software.
IE 7 - So far it look like it's a bit on the slow side, but apart from that I mostly like it. I haven't stopped using Firefox yet though...
MS Defender - Does it actually defend against anything? Don't know yet as it didn't find any nasties. It did however flag up Dameware as a potential security hazard... /sigh
Windows Vista - Downloaded and ready to be burnt to DVD. I think I'll put it on [slaanesh]and see how it goes. See what all the hype is about. I'll probably get rid of it quickly again :]

Other than that, was in a bit of a meh mood part of last week. I thought I was going to be gotten rid of from the client where I work, but instead my manager there was telling the company I actually work for that it was time they started paying me more. So that was quite nice. It'll be nice at the end of July when I start seeing the extra money...
spikey_bastard noticed taht I was quite irritable Sunday, which I tried to control to a greater or lesser degree...

Weekend was good. Saturday I mostly relaxed while trying to study. Sunday I went to the 02 festival. Most of the bands were OKish.
Fairly inoffensive britpop with little to make you sit up and take notice.
I really enjoyed Thomas Dolbys set. Old school synth pop was nicely relaxing on a sunny day.
Goldfrapp was really enjoyable as well. Very reminiscent of Duran Duran, Blondie and James Bond movies :]
Depeche Mode was just as good as when I saw them at Wembley a little while back. Very polished set with many crowd pleasers.

Woo yay, Monday, my favouriate day of the week...
Tags: geeky, weekend

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