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Gnome Punting is fun...

Well, I think so :)

Anyway, great weekend.
Garlic & Shots was great and viking training was fantastic. I kicked ass and took names with the mighty Dane Axeand racked up an impressive body count.
You know you're doing something right when the resident Dane Axe training officer gets tired of getting killed by you and get a shield so he can defend better.
Damn that felt good :)

Speaking of which, next weekend there's a viking weekend party/training session in some woods near Broxbourne.
Those of us who fight will be fighting and anyone who wants to come along but aren't fighting will just be drinking, eating and carousing :)

So if you fancy coming along for that, give me shout some time during the week.
I'll be going up there either Friday evening or Saturday early afternoon.

And on a seperate note, for some reason I have recently been feeling like I'm living a Leonard Cohen song.
Most disconcerting...
Tags: viking, warcrack

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