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Christ how I fucking hate the Royal Bank of Scotland right now.
I have been with them for nearly 4 years. I have been gainfully employed with money coming in in nearly all that time (A total of 4 months of un-employment on my part).
I have recently been overdrawn on occassion, with my monthly wages easily covering said overdraft. At the same time they've made loadsa money of me in charges due to the overdraft being un-authorised.
Obviously they don't like customers whom they make money out of, and who get paid regularly.
How do I know that they don't like such customers?
Because the fucking bastard cunts just cancelled my switch card without telling me. Grrrrrr.
And so I ask them how I'm meant to get money out. And what does the idiot I'm talking to say? She bloody asks me if there's a branch nearby where I work. What the fuck!!!!
Anyway, she told me there's a new card on the way, and I told her that by the time it arrives I'll hopefully have a new account sorted out with a bank which appreciates my custom.
And I do belive I'll be going for a bank which appreciates diversity in the broser market.
You can read about that here:
Mr Eleganza

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