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A bit of mobile geekery

Oooohhhh, the new Blackberry is pretty...
Me magpie, me wants...

On the other hand, I won a HTC Qtek 200/O2 XDA/i-Mate JAMin on e-bay.
Go me...

And not only that, but I won in the office as well. I have been drooling over that phone for over a week, and when I was winning it I had two of my colleagues riveted to the screen to watch me when.
I think they were more excited than me :)
One of them then said 'Ha, I'll get us some of those from T-Mobile faster than you get yours from thwe states'...
He then got on the phone to our account manager at T-mobile who immediately asked when they would get the last set of 'loan devices' back...
Muahahahaaaaaaaa, I win again...

Other than that, I'm pretty tired of my Nokia N70 and I think I might switch back to my 6230i until I get my new phone.

It's then time for me to sell the N70 on e-bay...

I'm feeling strangely good at the moment.
And I still live in a strange Leonard Cohen song like coocoon...
It's a bit weird...
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