Hey, Viking guy (panzerbjrn) wrote,
Hey, Viking guy

The brighter side of e-mail support...

Bedlam DL 3...
Quite an amusing little story about how the messaging engineers at MS screwed up just a little.
Icidentally, so did the same development team here that screwed up yesterday, so when I came in today our mailservers had again been brought to their knees.

My new phone is pleasing so far.
I have managed to get some software called AvantGo to run on it.

It pulls down news from various sources that I specify and I can then read the articles later offline when I'm commuting.
Very nifty and very handy. It actually makes me want to spend more time on the tube :)

Synchronising it is a swine though.
Microsofts Actuive Sync 4.2 will only allow me to Sync with one pc per type of item being synced.
This means that if I sync my contacts at work, I can't also sync them at home. Naturally this pisses me off as I have so far been used to using my phone to keep my contacts synced between home and work.
I could of course remove the sync settings each time I get to work or get home so it won't know that I'm being naughty, but bitter experience tell me that that will cause all my contacts to be duplicated >_<
So, the hunt is on for a free piece of software that will sync my Outlook contacts, notes, calendar and tasks between multiple Outlooks and my device...

For those of you looking for something to replace your Blackberries, this devide is the canines cojones.
When I got it Friday we immediately put my Crackberry SIM in it and put the necessary software on it.
It was a delight to be working with e-mail on this device compared to my BB.
Definitely something to bring to the attention of whoever holds the purse strings. And if they aren't loosening, see if you can get a device to try out for free from your account manager with whichever telecomms provider you have and give it to the bean counters, you'll have your device soon enough then :)

I still have to get used to the handwriting recognition software, but that will come in time...
Tags: geeky, phones, werk

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