Hey, Viking guy (panzerbjrn) wrote,
Hey, Viking guy


I feel like I'm constantly stuffing my face with food at the moment.
The flow of nourishment and nutrients just don't stop.

I'm actually getting to a point where I just don't want to keep eating.
Breakfast, late breakfast, pre-lunch snack, lunch, early afternoon top up, late afternoon snack, dinner, evening repast and bedtime snack.
That's a lot of eating in one day...

On the bright side, it's working and I'm loosing weightfat...

Anyway, I'm also in agony as one of my teeth has cracked open. Ow.
It didn't hurt until I accidentally bit down on some food and the gum got aggravated. I also think some nerve endings must have gotten hurt by it 'cos it really friggin hurts like a right bitch now.
Fortunately I'm going to see these nice people tomorrow in my lunch break.
They also fulfill my main criteria.
Namely that I want to be put under general anaesthetic when they do whatever they're going to do...

I hate going to the dentist and I can't handle dental pain, so that was absolutely non-negotiable. I don't care how much it costs and whether or not my health insurance covers it, it has to be done...
Tags: food, health, pain, teeth

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