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Dang I'm tired.

Tooth is sorted thanks to the wonderful wonderful people at The Harley Street Dental Clinic.
The tooth was taken out, a cavity fixed, another potential new cavity sorted in advance of a worsening and my teeth cleaned.
And as promised I was completely out the entire time and never noticed a thing.

I was a little woozy afterwards as you would expect after being so heavily sedated.
Thanks to digitalangel for being the 'responsible adult' that accompanied me home :)
Friday evening was a complete write off as I passed out in bed pretty quickly and when I got up I was still woozy.

Saturday was mostly spent tidying and in contemplation of the future.
Should I aim to conquer the world by force of arms or by financial means.
Decisions, decisions...

I like the idea of having armies of Stompy Robots of Doom™, cybernetically enhanced mutant goats and sexy fembots with a penchant for evil crushing the armies of the world, but I also like the idea of just owning *everything* without anyone knowing who really pulls the strings in the world and have people live their little lives in the illusion that anything they do might change things.

Hmm, time for my medication...

Sunday I was still tidying up until I went to The Dev to try this new beer they have and what a shocker, I actually like the taste of the beer in The Dev now.
If they were to get aircon and staff that smiles I might actually go there because I like the place rather than because it's where the vast majority of my friends go...
Afterwards I went to a metal gig as a friends cousins band was playing.
The band is called Kingsize Blues and they're actually quite good.
I first saw them when they supported Testament a month or so ago and decided they were worth seeing again.
The first band on was Muted which I sadly missed. I was told they were very good and quite Megadeth-esque.
The second band was Toytown Cash which quite frankly sucked satans balls. They might have had a chance five years ago when they could have tried to ride the Nu-Metal wave, but they had no place at a proper metal gig.
Kingsize Blues played a good metal set the entire way and my only criticism is that the lead singer really should wear a t-shirt... >_<
If you like metal you should check them out...
Tags: future, gigging, weekend, world conquest

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